Difference Between Black Hat And Whit Hat SEO

In Order to optimize a webpage for search engines, there are different techniques and methods. These techniques are majorly divided in two different categories i.e.- White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. Different kind of search engine optimization techniques comes under these two major categories. White Hat SEO techniques are search engine friendly techniques, means these techniques follow all the rules and regulation by the search engine but, Black Hat SEO is the technique which violets the rules and standards of the search engines.  Today most of the Canadian SEO Companies use white hat seo techniques for their respective campaigns.
White Hat SEO: These techniques must follow the rules and standards of a search engine. Here are few conditions that need to be followed:
    It must tag along the search engine’s rule, so that search engines believe them for crawling.
    The content of the webpage that a user will make out must be the similar which is crawled and indexed by the search engines spiders.
    The webpage and content must be formed for user’s relevancy not for search engine spider`s relevancy.
    The content of the website must be helpful for targeted users. It should be reorganized from time to time.

Canadian SEO Companies
Black Hat SEO: The optimization techniques which are measured as Black Hat SEO follow the following criteria:
    Creating low value webpage which have very less content and are stuffed with lots of keywords or targeted search terms. These types of pages are called Doorway pages.
    Repeating exacting keywords in the Meta tags more than once, and using isolated keywords to the webpage’s content. This method is called Meta tag stuffing.
    Using Hidden text or the text with the webpage background color, or hiding the text inside “no frame” tag. So that, only search engines can crawl these content but users can’t perceive it. These texts are used only for search engine’s relevancy.
    Redirecting users to a different webpage that was dissimilar from the page the search engine crawled and ranked.
    Creating Mirror image web sites by hosting many web sites all with abstractly similar content but using dissimilar URLs.


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